Discover the Story Behind Our Enchanting Tipi Venue.

Our Story

Nestled in the rolling hills at the very northern edge of the Cotswolds, Hadsham Farm has a rich history. Still a working agricultural farm to this day, part of land has evolved into a unique and breathtaking wedding venue.

The journey to becoming the wedding venue that it is today began in 2012 when Charlie and Sarah tied the knot in a beautiful marquee perched on a terrace above the lakeside. The venue was rented as ‘a field with a lakeside terrace’  for a number of years before the stunning permanent Tipi set-up was installed in 2018.

Since then, we’ve hosted nearly 200 fun-filled weddings, a few alternative corporate events, a number of special birthday parties and a handful of wonderful charity dinners!

Photography by: Charlie Flounders

Photography by: S2 Photography

Photography by: Sam Bennett Photography

The Farm

Hadsham Farm is owned and run by the Taylor family, with a century-long legacy in north Oxfordshire farming.  The current land stewards are Wykeham and Fiona together their three grown-up sons Charlie, Rob and David, with the farm having been acquired by Wykeham’s father Bill just after WW2.

Originally part of Manor Farm in Horley, the farm was re-named as Hadsham Farm around the turn of the century – after the Hadsham valley that lies at the heart of the farm. ‘Hadsham Barn’ is shown prominently on some of the very first OS Maps from the mid to late 1800s and it is believed that the name originally came from the Romans who grew vines along the valley sides.

Over the last 40 years, Wykeham has planted thousands of trees to replenish those lost to Dutch Elm disease and created three thriving lakes from once-boggy land. One of these is now part of our stunning wedding venue!

Today, the majority of our 350-acres is still very much a working farm overseen by David – a roughly 50:50 mix of arable fields and pasture meadows where our 400-strong flock of sheep graze.

By necessity, the farming enterprise has had to diversify over the years and we now run a storage business (run by Rob), a wedding business (run by Charlie) and a pop-up events business (all hands on deck!) alongside the main farming activities.

Our current ‘pop-up’ events included an annual 3- week ‘live lambing’ event in the spring and a 10-day pumpkin festival in the autumn. Together, they offer a magical and educational experience for local families and their children.

Who knows what we’ll come up with in the future!

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